4 Ps of Online Marketing

Conventional marketing was all about the 4Ps – Product, Price, Place and Promotion. All the MBA graduates, advertisers and sales people are taught about these 4Ps. It was once propounded by the entire marketing fraternity that Product, Price, Place and Promotion shall remain the guiding and traditional principles for eternity. Now that marketing is re-inventing itself and is constantly evolving, online marketing or digital marketing has changed the 4Ps. The 4Ps of online marketing are:

  • People
  • Performance
  • Programmatic
  • Platforms


This is a digital age in which more than 40 percent of the world population has continuous access to internet. To generate huge online traffic, marketers are resorting to newer mechanisms. To assess the online market, marketers have various parameters such as the number of impressions, traffic, page hits, blog hits, click through rates etc. The use of cookies to track the behavior of the people is absolutely commendable.

Growth chart and prgresso leading to success


To win the hearts of target audiences, marketers are hedging their bets on email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing etc. The performance of such campaigns is assessed through various parameters such as the number of impressions generated, click through rate, blog hits etc. However, the most importance performance indicators are:

  • Brand Cognizance
  • Interactive Impressions
  • Sales lift

Online advertising is another genuine way of creating a positive impact on the people.


Programmatic advertising is all about reaching the right target audiences. The problem with traditional form of advertising is that you can always reach a lot of people but seldom the ‘right’ people. Programmatic advertising which is an integral part of programmatic marketing is all about connect with the right audiences through intelligent mechanisms such as PMP- Programmatic Marketing Platforms.

It must be remembered that marketers should arrive at a viable estimate how much revenue a firm can make if programmatic marketing goes well. If the viable projections do not make much sense, it is better to rely on alternatives.


Platforms are the various avenues through which people are able to access the internet. Some of the platforms are:

  • Smart Phones
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Tablets

Different platforms have different requirements. For example, you have to decide if your brand requires a mobile optimized site or an exclusive mobile application. Similarly, the technology stack used for designing both mobile optimized and desktop websites is quite different from desktop only websites.

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