From making games to making explainer videos : How Hari started BrandLoveVideos

Started up in 2014 as a bootstrap from a village in Knit city, Tirupur, Brand Love Videos has marked remarkable footprints in the pathway. We recently caught up with one of the core team member of BLV, Ms.Kiruthika to discuss more about this Startup

What inspired the creation of BrandLoveVideos ? 

Animation is our inspiration. We watched animation, we learnt animation and now we are creating animation.Hariharan Arunachalam was into a gaming company where they created more than 100 different slot games and each one was challenging enough to be unique in concept. This inspired us to startup new venture which does not hold a same routine task but a thrilling fun filled job.

 What is your target audience and why?

Startups and brands are our main target audience. We are always happy that we make their services and products reach the target clients and audience through our simple and informative Explainer Videos. This helps them in grabbing the clients without searching for the information for the product in any other website with more blahblah words, which obviously not a common man can understand.

We break the complexity of your message. We help entrepreneurs and startups who are waiting to share their ideas, product’s, brands to customers. We make a technical concept easily understood by the end user, which involves number of programming codes or related ideas.


How difficult was it to start your venture?

We started from zero. In a textile city recruiting the people for Explainer Videos industry wasn’t that easy. Marketing was a hard task initially. But technology gave hands that we got connected globally to our clients through internet.

 Who are the founders and key team members?

Hariharan Arunachalam-Founder,CEO

Our Team members are

  • Kiruthika-Script and Blog writer
  • Tamil – Animation Artist
  • Kumar- Illustrator
  • Gobi – compositor



What relevant domain experience do they have?

You won’t believe that it’s completely a freshly baked team who are completely driven by their passion and love for animation. Even the founder doesn’t have any experience in Explainer Videos making as he is from gaming industry background. We are proud that you find quality and difference in every project of ours.

Your vision and mission?

We are shooting towards better entertaining educational videos and to leave our footprints in fun filled digital comics.

How many hours a week do you spend on work?  What about family/hobbies?

We work almost 10 to 12 hours a day for all the six days in a week. The founder says he spends his Sundays completely with his little prince- Kavin Karthikeyan, six months old baby.He says “These days’ children are so much well-stuffed and matured enough. I am very clear in my ideas that our comic characters are just not superheroes. They should inspiring scientific heroes for the children in future”.


When people on are offering the same services starting from $5 why do you think this company can beat the competition?

We got our first project from only.  It was a $500 worth project. The approached us only because of our quality and brainstorming creative ideas.


What is your advice to young entrepreneurs starting today?

We knew that EV industry is very competitive when we started our venture in 2014. There were many flops for the startups in EV. But we were very clear about what we knew. We believed in quality. That made us to withstand till date. It’s always important that you form the strongest team, which is passionate. Filtering resume won’t help you get the right team. Meet people in various colleges,forums and get to gathers them.


How has been your journey so far as an entrepreneur?

From a rural part, we have worked 20 hours to the utmost. Since our founder has worked in more than 100 projects in gaming industry he was able to understand the needs, colour preferences, style of clients from different countries.

Where do you see yourself and your venture 5 years from now?

Imagination is unbounded and even sky is not the limit. We are sure BLV  will hold a unique name in the industry in a short span.

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