15 Creative email subject lines that will improve your email opening rate

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Succeeding in garnering the attention of target audiences is undoubtedly an all-consuming goal. The sheer brilliance of creative email subject lines with-in the periphery of target audiences can positively impact them. Unfortunately, regimentation of monotony and normalcy leave little room for creativity and curiosity. Here are some subject line templates that can improve your email opening rate.


  1. Mysterious email subject lines:

    Mysterious email subject lines are a dying breed. Here is an example- “The man in the black died yesterday. This is how it happened.” Well, target audiences will certainly develop a desire to discover who the man is and how he had died. Stephen King, the celebrated American author known for his horror stories is best known for using such subject lines to gain the approval of his book publishers and distributors.

  1. Number type and list type:

    This is the most commonly followed type. Examples include- “10 Things you never knew about Steve Jobs”, “10 Revealing secrets to Warren Buffet’s success.”

  2. Question type:

    Question type email subject lines should spawn an idea in the minds of target audiences. Here are a couple of examples- “Is Tim Cook really gay?”, “Why didn’t Rahul Dravid get Bharat Ratna?”

  3. Sense of urgency:

    “Hurry up! Grab the last pair of XXX.”, “Last chance, Hurry! Hurry! Time is running out” are the most common examples. There is nothing wrong in using the aforementioned email subject lines.

  4. Single word subject lines:

    Think of emotionally disturbing and emotionally walloping words. An amazing example would be the use of a word such as ‘Panic’ as subject line. Another example is to use ‘Crisis’ as subject line.

  5. Teaser subject lines:

    Tease your target audiences and this definitely creates an atmosphere ripe for opening the emails. Here is an example- “Are you obese and do people call you couch potato?”, “Are you bald and do girls look at you with scorn?” Exercise caution in drafting such subject lines. Do not hurt your target audiences just tease them.

  6. Seasonal subject lines:

    Hedge your bets on seasonal subject lines. Here are a few examples-

  • Unique gifts for your spouse
  • Huge discount on regalia
  • Avail these offers only for this autumn
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