13 Effective Facebook Advertising Tips You Can Start Implementing In Your Business

In the era of social media, where every entrepreneur is busy leveraging the features of the most popular social platform- Facebook, you have to leverage its features at a frantic pace to keep up with the times and stay visible. Having an account in Facebook is just a part of the story. The other part of the story is about maintaining a great profile. Otherwise, your startup may walk into a hellish nightmare of social crises. It is Facebook advertising that can lead your venture to the path of glory.  Here are 13 effective Facebook advertising tips you can start implementing in your business:

  1. Snaps and images: What can grab the attention of your target audiences? Captivating images and snaps can undoubtedly grab the attention. So, ensure that the photos that you chose for your ads are eye-catchy. Here is what I have for you- Use images that can be differentiated well from the blue color background of Facebook.
  2. Catchy quotes: Here is what Harsha Bhogle, the celebrated Indian commentator said when Rahul Dravid, the great wall of Indian cricket, announced his retirement, “The wolf who lived for the pack.” You have to come up with such catchy quotes and capture the attention of all eyes.
  3. Lights, camera and action: Ensure that you have an action packed one-minute or two-minutes video. Videos enhance user engagement. Do not say yes to ‘pictures-only.’ Say yes to a combination of Pictures + Videos. A dedicated YouTube channel will do the magic.
  4. Image captions: Post images and ask your loyal audiences to post captions in the comments section. Tell them that the best comment would be rewarded. This would fix any major lacuna in the current user engagement.
  5. Quizzes and questions: Once your viewers are done watching the videos that you have posted, ask them a few questions such as:
  • What is the message conveyed by the video?
  • Who is the endorser or the brand ambassador featured in the video?

             Come up with unique questions for each and every video. This will keep your audiences engaged. Moreover, you will always stay on the qui

  1. Precise target audiences: Facebook has diverse audiences- far from sure groups to pivotal legions. It is important to cherry-pick your target audiences. Earn your reputation by carefully targeting the audiences.
  2. Ads: Say no to a single ad. A single ad is as good as no ad. Ensure that you have at-least three ads targeting a particular group of audience. As a best practice, have rotational ads. Here is what I suggest- First Ad- Video- Second Ad-Video- Third Ad- First Ad. Repeat this cycle. This cycle will fetch you a lot of impressions.
  3. Typography: This is the most underestimated and often overlooked pointer. Clear and insightful content can give you razor sharp radar for generating leads. Too bright and too dark colors are eye soring. So, avoid too bright and too dark colors.
  4. Humorous content: This is a trap and once your audiences get into it, it will be difficult for them to get out of it. Dark humor is never welcomed by your audiences. “Dear pessimist, optimist and realist, while you were busy arguing about the glass of water, I drank it”

         –—Sincerely, Opportunist

         Come up with such humorous content. Do not hurt your audiences with your humor. Make them laugh.

Why you should network ?

  1. Offer a coupon: Tell your target audiences that a few lucky ones would be offered a coupon. Coupons engage and energize an average Facebook user. I would be coming up with an insightful post on ‘How to create coupons.’ Keep visiting our blog…J
  2. Call to Action buttons: To build a good and a great loyal audience, the audience base that you have envisioned for, hedge your bets on ‘Call to Action buttons.’
  3. Share fan created content: – Share what your fans have created- be it an image, a sentence, a word, a phrase etc. Pile on their testimonials.
  4. Landing page: And yes! Don’t forget to have a very good landing page. Getting a click is a small part of the story. Conversion pages reveal the big picture. Read my detailed articles on Landing pages here, here and here.

       Keep watching this space for further updates and insights….Good day!

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