10 Ways to repurpose and reuse your existing content to grow your list of subscribers!

repurpose and reuse content

Content marketing can replenish and rejuvenate business rankings. Needless to say, content writers have to publish flawless and genuine articles. High quality content is all about spreading smiles and simplifying lives. It is also about having a creative instinct to pen out insightful words that grab readers’ attention. To defy all odds and pick a shade of thoughts that cool target audiences in the hottest moments of despair, of hope that someday startups live up to the charter of their perceived vision and mission, it becomes essential to have an eye for detail.

Here is an account on ‘10 Ways to repurpose and reuse your existing content to grow your list of subscribers

  1. Video Marketing:

To replenish your ever diminishing stock of ideas, garner every atom of strength and repurpose your articles into videos. As a startup founder, it behooves on you to have a dedicated video channel. Convert your blog readers into your YouTube channel subscribers. Ask them to comment their opinions on the videos. This is one of the most promising ways to keep your customers engaged.

  1. SlideShare Presentations:

Now that SlideShare has become one of the largest professional sharing community, it is better to convert articles into presentations and upload the same on SlideShare.

  1. Whitepapers:

If your content writer is a knowledgeable guy, ask him to come up with whitepapers. Seeing him/her taking the initiative, your readers in higher stations of life will get the drive and enthusiasm. Your crowd of admirers is slated to multiply.

  1. E-books:

As a best practice, it is recommended to reuse your articles and repurpose them into e-books. For instance, all the articles of a particular month can be converted into e-books. At the end of every month, e-books can be sent to your existing list of subscribers. Customers are likely to cherish those moments when you deliver e-books periodically.

  1. Newsletters:

This is one of the most common practices. It is all about using sophisticated templated email to transform content into eye-catchy newsletters. Email marketing softwares such as MailerLite can come handy. Customers can receive the newsletters either in the form of ‘Daily dose’ or ‘Weekly dose’ or in the form of other variants.

  1. Infographic content:

It is the era of pot boiling content marketing. Those reading your posts will be impressed if you can transform your articles into infographic content. This is definitely going to result in an outpour of positive reactions from your customers. Remember, infographic content has higher conversion rate than non-infographic content.

  1. Online Image Quote Generator:

Entrepreneurs come from an illustrious pool cognoscenti who embark on professional journeys to identify their true reckoning. Quite clearly, they love being glorified. Their enthusiasm for becoming extraordinary souls thrives on certain hygienic thoughts which I call as ‘ideologies.’  If your passionate founders and cofounders have ever used witticisms that bespeak their ideologies, use online image quote generators such as Quozio, Chisel or QuotesCover to create images that replicate their intellectual pool thoughts. Share these images on your blog.

  1. Email courses:

Rather than each and every article in the form of a newsletter, it is better to segment lengthy articles into a few readable course modules. Email these modules periodically.

  1. Podcast:

From campus studs to corporate duds, reading has almost become an extinct habit. Convert your articles into podcast series and bank on audio marketing.

  1. Case studies:

Case studies allow you to survive the rat race. Use your golden team of digital marketers, content writers and creative thinkers to solve case studies. Use your customer testimonials and publish them at the end of each and every case-study.

Follow the aforementioned ways to reuse your existing content and stamp your authority in the minds of your subscribers!

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