10 reasons why you cannot ignore Instagram for your business



Why Instagram? What social marketing? One cannot overlook the importance of business presence on the social networking sites in today’s competitive world. Want to expand your consumer base? Join Twitter. Want to monitor your competitors closely? Join Facebook and start media stalking. Looking for a small budget promotional strategy? Go Instagram.
Today’s mantra stands as “Be sociable, be successful”.

Here are 10 reasons why one simply cannot ignore Instagram any longer for business:

Decode your audience
Not only you get to reach an unlimited number of people, be they of any age or work background, you also get to know their preferences, opinions and taste.


Get a fan following for your product

By posting creative and interactive advertisements, you can, in a way, immortalize your brand. For instance, Oreo keeps reinventing its product image by regularly posting new recopies and innovations one can indulge in with the biscuits. Thus, a single product gets to live many lives instead of being repetitive.

Moving pictures!
Give your followers exclusive sneak peeks into ‘behind-the-scenes-stories of your product by using the feature of Instagram video.

Offer discounts and incentives
Map out an exclusive system of discounts, offers, special deals and incentives to attract your followers, so that they keep coming back to you. This would provide you the much-needed market base.

Customer service
Let your customers know that you care. Build up relationships and bonding with your current and potential customers. Moreover, it helps you to monitor your brand image.

Flaunt yourself in a style

Instagram is an excellent tool to build brand awareness for your product. By showcasing features and services, you get to earn credibility and trust of your customers.

Play the SEO game
Creating original content, videos and images about your brand, helps to boost your brand visibility on search engines.

Economic and time-saving
For small businesses and start ups, Instagram is no less than a boon. Save your advertising cost and connect to the entire world sitting in the comfort of your couch.

It’s all about the standards.
Having an Instagram account does not only let you exhibit yourself, it also adds to your status (brand image). Who doesn’t have an Instagram account these days? And surely you don’t want to be the old guy in the crowd.

Attack your competitors

Engage with your competitor’s audience and get the ball rolling.

And, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Rephrasing this now, a picture is worth a thousand cents or more becomes more apt.

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