10 Less known facts about Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos is known to the world as an online American electronic commerce site. It sells anything and everything. Ever since its inception in the year 1994, thrills have been on the anvil for Amazon. It is the brainchild of Jeff Bezos. This massive e-commerce website started in Jeff Bezos’s garage. Jeff Bezos in an interview once said, “Building the habits that foster good entrepreneurial skills is the most important thing that entrepreneurs should focus on. They have to learn how to support themselves by putting their energy on where they stand to profit. Entrepreneurs should cultivate temperament that keeps them as hot as a fireball. Be stubborn on vision and flexible on details.”

Here are 10 less known facts about Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos:

  1. Bezos’s Gazelle Project:

Gazelle project is an initiative of Jeff Bezos to cajole book publishers. Jeff Bezos tuned more into his intuitive side to reap the success that he was looking for with regard to better deals. His strategy was simple- “Make them an offer they can’t refuse.”  Well, it is indeed Godfather’s strategy!


  1. 10,000 Year Clock:

Bezos’s burst of physical energy prompted him to start a 10,000 year clock project. It is said that the clock will tick only once a year. The century hand is said to move once every 100 years. In addition, a cuckoo makes its appearance only on the millennium.


  1. Two Pizzas ideology:

Jeff Bezos is famous for his creative approaches, vivid rules and exceptional ideologies. He firmly believes in Two Pizzas rule – “No team should be larger than can be fed with two large Pizzas.” Put in simple words, the size of a team should never exceed 7 members.


  1. Washington Post:

Jeff Bezos acquired Washington Post, the American daily newspaper for $250 million. Bezos planned its acquisition on August5, 2013. He completed its acquisition on October 1, 2013.

  1. Kid’s vision:

As a kid, Jeff Bezos had no interest in becoming an astronaut. He never talked about pursuing a career in space industry. However, he always expressed his desire to be a space entrepreneur. He left his teachers flummoxed by saying, “The future of mankind is not in this planet.”

  1. Employee at Fitel:

After completing his college education, Bezos worked as an employee at a startup called Fitel. More often than not, his job involved flying between New York and London.

  1. Mackenzie:

Bezos married his office mate Mackenzie. She is a novelist and mother to 4. He termed her ‘a resourceful woman’.

  1. IPO:

The year 1997 witnessed Amazon’s Initial Public Offering exalting excellence and people going gaga over it. Bezos was then described as ‘Mastermind of investors.’


  1. Avid Reader:

Yes, Bezos is an avid reader. His favorite novel is “The Remains of the Day” written by Kazuo Ishiguro.


  1. Amazon’s culture: No non-sense

Bezos’s once said, “Cross team communication is not terrible. It doesn’t assert independence.” Well, the work culture at Amazon is quite different from that of other big corporates.

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