10 advanced Google search tips that can save hours for you

google search tips

Google is undoubtedly terrifically rich in detail. It has an enormous generative content and more often than not, searching on Google Chrome can be a tedious task. Rummaging in the capacious Google search web pages can be all the more soul destroying if you fail to enlighten yourself with a few profound and cogent search engine search strategies and tips. Here are “10 advanced Google search tips that can save hours for you.”

  1. If you are in love with the content of a website and if the website doesn’t have a good reach (due to various reasons such as- website may be nascent stage etc.), here is a proven hack- Just type the keyword of the article and mention the website’s name. For instance, if you are in love with our content and wish to read an article on ‘Importance of blogs’, you may just type- ‘Importance of blogs’ in the Google Chrome search bar.
  2. Let’s assume for a while that you wanted to know about Internet of Things. Rather than typing the phrase Internet of Things in the Google Chrome search bar, enclose the phrase within double quotes i.e., “Internet of Things.” This is called explicit search  Search results will be better if not best.
  3. Let us now assume that you are searching for the definition a compounded word called Growth Hacking but you do not want any growth hacking tips, you may rely on this hack- Growth Hacking- tips. Use ‘-‘sign to exclude the word in your search results.
  4. If you are looking for alternatives, you may use the ‘vs’. For example, if you wish to know the potential competitors of Apple, just type Apple vs in the Chrome search bar. Results will be amazing!
  5. If you want to include the synonym or a word that is more or less related to another word, just use ~ symbol. Here is an example: digital marketing ~ growth hacking.
  6. How about using the word ‘OR’? Never tried? Well, here is how you can use it- ‘5 must reads to become an entrepreneur’ OR ‘5 must read books on Indian startups.’ Remember, it is OR and not or.
  7. Want to have access to results directly from Google cache? Here is how you can gain access. Just type cache: before the site’s URL. For example, cache:
  8. Google Chrome is known for its cognitive wildcard suggestions. Here is an example- How to * an iphone? The search suggestions are likely to be:

How to jailbreak an iPhone?

How to buy an iPhone?

How to order an iPhone?

How to track an iPhone? Etc.

  1. If you are eager to know about what’s happening or what’s the latest News in London, just use location: London. If you are looking for a particular niche news, just type ecommerce cart location:London
  2. Here is a reverse image hack. If you have embedded an image from a certain site and have failed to mention its credits, fret not. Just upload the image to google search by image search bar and get the source of the image.

Keep watching this space for groundbreaking advanced Google search tips….:)

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